SPRING into Maths provides learning intentions and success criteria that are clear and provide a comprehensive record of student progress. Engagement is maintained by the swift pace and range of learning activities.

Teacher Aides are empowered to be effective as they have a clearly planned teaching structure, together with the resources and training required to undertake their role. Students experience regular, focused small group learning opportunities offering support at the level their learning requires.

There are six kits within the SPRING into Maths kete. Each kit supports the development of key number concepts eg. working with numbers to 20, 100, 1000, and beyond. Additional materials include a SPRING into Maths support guide, teaching support videos, games and tasks across kits and a planning sheet template.

Each kit contains lesson ideas, word problem sample lessons, games, a student progress chart, and a sample weekly plan. The kits provide a starting point that can be extended with the addition of students’ favourite activities and games. SPRING into Maths also provides some ‘mini assessment snapshots’ to help to monitor student progress. 

I can count forwards and backwards to 1000 in different groupings. I can count forwards and backwards with fractions with like denominators.

I can make numbers to 1000 using equipment.
I know compatible numbers to 100.

I can use jump up/back through decades and combine/separate tens and ones to solve addition and subtraction problems. I can use x2, x5, x10 facts to solve multiplication and division problems.

I can identify, order and write numbers to 100 000.
I can identify and order unit fractions.

I know addition facts to 20.
I know subtraction facts to 20.
I know compatible numbers to 100. I know multiplication and division facts for x2, x5 and x10.

I can talk about the maths in the number games I play when practising new learning.