Julie Roberts

021 813 496

Julie Roberts is a Kaitohu Mātauranga| Kairangahau Matua at NZCER. Julie is an experienced Mathematics and Assessment facilitator who has worked in a range of capacities delivering professional learning support in schools and clusters across Aotearoa. Her current advisory work involves mathematics PLD in schools along with developing teacher and leadership capability with NZCER’s assessment tools and surveys.
Julie’s research passion is the early years of learning mathematics in school and the development of early progressions in mathematics. This research supported the development of the progress steps in Te Mātaiaho. Julie was the original writer of SPRING into Maths and has supported the review and development process of the refreshed resources.
The SPRING into Maths refresh has drawn on recent research of effective strategies and pedagogical practices to support accelerated learning and develop ākonga positive dispositions in mathematics.

Sarah Cobb

027 297 7760

Sarah is an experienced mathematics facilitator and primary school teacher. She works with schools in Canterbury, the West Coast, Nelson and Marlborough.
Sarah is passionate about empowering ākonga and teachers to see themselves as confident, connected, capable learners and mathematicians. She builds trust and rapport with leaders, teachers and ākonga, and inspires others by sharing her enthusiasm for and excitement about mathematics.
Sarah supports teachers and schools to build on their strengths and develop exciting, relevant, and balanced programmes that raise student achievement, meet the needs of all ākonga, and ensure lasting, sustainable change.
Sarah is currently working towards her Educational Doctorate, investigating how representations are used in primary classrooms to support understanding, and to reason, communicate and make sense of thinking and mathematical concepts.

Shirley Collins

027 348 1266

Shirley is a highly experienced advisor and consultant who has worked with many schools in the Bay of Plenty and South Waikato.  Shirley has been a classroom teacher at all primary levels and has held various leadership roles, including as a principal.  She has presented workshops at national and international conferences. Her work with schools is underpinned by research and best practice.
Shirley believes everyone can succeed in learning.  She is committed to achieving the best outcomes for students and developing the confidence of teachers and teacher aides.  Shirley is a highly skilled facilitator who supports schools to raise student achievement through developing robust systems and programmes for improving learning, particularly in mathematics.
Shirley is a lifelong learner who accepts challenge and seeks opportunities to extend her own learning. 

Anne Milburn

021 262 3311

Anne is an experienced classroom teacher in the primary education sector with a passion for, and expertise in, junior education. She has worked as a mathematics facilitator delivering professional learning and development for 16 years in Otago, Southland and Auckland. She builds strong trusting relationships when working with leaders, teachers and students. They relate well to the collaborative respectful way in which she approaches all aspects of her work. Anne builds on the existing knowledge, beliefs and learning culture already established in a school, taking into account the diverse needs of students, teachers and learners.

Anne has designed and delivered many workshops to develop teachers’ content knowledge in mathematics and statistics. She has worked with communities of lead teachers as well as provisionally certificated teachers.

Anne is passionate about providing the best learning opportunities for all students to realise their potential. She is continually exploring new and innovative ways to improve teaching and learning programmes that promote best pedagogy and are engaging for all.